Hair Loss Consultation

Your initial hair loss consultation will take around an hour and will enable me to diagnose the cause of your hair loss or scalp problem and what can be done to resolve it.

In this appointment I will need to establish the history of your problem, your general health, including unusual or recent health changes, medication, diet, supplements, digestion plus family history, blood tests and any current factors affecting stress levels.

The more information you can provide during your hair loss consultation, the easier it will be for me to give an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations.

By the end of most consultations, Harry will be able to diagnose your hair loss or scalp problem and what it has been caused by. I will then recommend what you can do, should do or need to do about it.

Recommendations could include lifestyle changes, habit changes, dietry changes, supplement recommendations, topical treatments, scalp treatments, clinic scalp or hair treatments, laser treatment or referrals to other specialists.

I have more than 54 years experience in the hair care industry, am a Member of the Institute of Tricholgists and The Certified Association of Trichologists, am a qualified wigmaker and have a long and glowing list of related qualifications.

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